Portrait of the King

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Portrait of the King

Lions (Panthera Leo) are known as a symbol of strength, courage and loyalty. Native to Africa, these cats amazingly adapt to various habitats, some very extreme, such as the Namibia desert. Their survival is very much dependent on the social structure of the pride, the males are responsible for defending the territory and pride from intruders, while females collaborate in hunting and raising cubs.

Assisted by external light, the dark background isolates the subject and enabled me to capture this male lion in a beautiful animal portrait and emphasize the intensity of his gaze.

Hakuna Matata



SIZE: 841mm X 594mm (A1 size)

Each print’s final size may differ subject to which print is ordered.

Different size prints are also available on order, please contact me for more information.


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Christo Giliomee, a renowned professional photographer who has gained recognition for his exceptional work in capturing the beauty of African wildlife and landscapes. With his camera as his tool and his passion for the African continent as his driving force, Christo has traveled extensively across Africa, capturing stunning images of its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Stay updated with Christo’s latest photography by following him on social media, where he regularly shares his newest captures as soon as they become available.