I stood amazed at the scale and creativity by artists and burn visionaries. “Las Vegas in Africa” I thought – the desert landscape was transformed into a vibrant, temporary city, where artistic expression knows no boundaries.

As a first timer, the concept and principals such as community, decommodification, and radical self-expression is both intriguing and mysterious. The question was how I would explore and understand this inclusive environment. My question was answered when I met with author Roxane Jessi, who enquired about a photographer. Roxane recently published “Once Upon a Time in the Dust”, wherein she captured the adventure and experiences of numerous regional burns around the globe – be sure to read her journeys and visit www.roxanejessi.com. Click here to read her journal on the 2023 Afrikaburn. What started out as an informal photography gig, turned into a better understanding of connecting to this community and its parallel universe, thank you!

The heart and soul of Afrikaburn lies in its art installations which bless us with a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and scapes. It is impossible to capture all the amazing artwork (about 55 on the playa), 90 theme camps, mutant vehicles, binnekring events and scenes from the playa.

From dusk to dawn people celebrate life and embrace the joy of being part of this temporary community – join me on my visual journey of discovery, enjoy!!!!


Not listed as an official artwork (I think ,..), I thought “Free Beer” at the entrance gate should have a feature :)

Scenes from the Playa and Binnekring

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