Photographers value precision, versatility and durability of their gear. Today, various brands produce excellent gear, and my choice for the last 25 years has been Nikon. The Nikon brand has been synonymous with high-quality cameras and lenses for decades and their gear is known for delivering excellent results in a variety of shooting conditions.

I systematically changed from DSLR to mirrorless and currently shoot with the following:

Nikon Z9;
Nikon Z7ii;
Nikon 20mm Z f1.8;
Nikon 24-120mm Z f4;
Nikon 400mm Z F4.5 and
Nikon 800mm Z f 5.6.

The change to mirrorless was not without frustration. I constantly hear photographers complaining that they do not get the best results from their mirrorless systems opposed to DSLR. I admit that I had to adopt my film-style shooting approach to better use the amazing technology of new electronic viewfinders, autofocus options, high shutter speed capability (1/30 000 on Z9), and the amazing dynamic range of the sensors, to name a few. Once you are familiar with the way mirrorless systems operate, you will not look back.

That said, the best gear is still the gear in your bag, enjoy it and take great photographs.

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