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christo giliomee outdoor gallery photographer

Christo Giliomee

Welcome to Outdoor Gallery. I am am professional photographer living in Cape Town, South Africa. My passion for the great outdoors has taken me to many extra ordinary places around Southern Africa. Apart from exploring our beautiful country, I regularly travel to the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. These countries offer an amazing African experience, albeit, wildlife, landscape or just the amazing African sky.

Southern Africa holds a special kind of magic and this is my attempt to show you what and how I see and experience the beauty of Africa. Contact me by e-mail should you be interested in ordering photographs in print or digital format. New photographs are loaded regularly, be sure to visit again !

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Christo Giliomee, an award-winning outdoor photographer whose passion for capturing the beauty of nature in AFrica through his lens has earned him worldwide recognition.

With an unwavering enthusiasm for his craft, Christo traverses the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, seeking to immortalize their majesty in every shot.

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